A Good Place to Work

At The Good Egg we have provided a little space for everyone. We know how hard it is to work from home or how expensive and office can be in the real world. We want to help you grow and have provided 4 private offices and a conference room for short term hire. A free public co-working area is available for you to study, get away from the kids or simply read a book and also includes a mini phone box where you can tuck yourself away and make private phone calls., All of this including Free secure WIFI with the best coffee and food in town. We also want to bring you out of your shell to meet and greet other like minded business owners and maybe push your limits to host a workshop, to show Busselton what you have to offer. Whatever it is, there is no judgement by us, we are just glad your here.

Office Spaces

Our offices and Conference Rooms come fully furnished and ready to use.

These private rooms can be set up with your own secure password protected network for peace of mind, knowing that your personal documents will be kept safe. Each room is individually air-conditioned/ heated for your comfort for you to turn on and off as you please. The offices are lockable to make your life that little bit easier. If you popping in and out of The Good Egg throughout the day or have booked over a consecutive amount of days, its much easier to lock up and leave then to have to drag your goods in and out every day.

Our conference room is set up with a interactive projective, which very cleverly converts to a white board if need be. (You’ll have loads of fun on this, most people do!) Your devices can be set up wirelessly to connect to the projector, or alternatively we have all the right cabling if this is not an option.

We have created a general layout plan below so your able to see the different set ups of our offices below and as you can see every office is unique, creating the best layouts for different occupants.

Bookings are essential at The Good Egg, so please be sure to book your space prior to your event. If there is a particular office your after, just be sure to let us know when making your booking. When arriving, see one of our lovely staff who will take care of you and show you the ins and its of your room.

We look forward to seeing you. To hire a room and make a booking please call us on (08) 9788 6057